For more than 30 years, Alex has built his work and people skills in Corporate and SME businesses.  For the last 10 years Alex has been working with business owners and their teams, helping them realise the potential in themselves and their business through coaching and mentoring.


Those that Alex has worked with can attest to the sincere and professional way in which he has helped them with their business.  Alex is seen as someone who cares about the people he meets and helps.  His purpose is to educate and inspire them to work to achieve their goals.


Born at the beginning of the 60s, Alex was soon part of the family film production business. Alex spent most of his school holidays in film studios and on location, where he gained his strong work ethic and understanding of business.  Helping out with the script writing, taught him the need for accurate communication and organisation.  Watching how a film was directed taught him a lot about people and leadership.


Alex has always focused on how to help people get the best from themselves; in his late teens he shared his passion for sailing by mentoring and coaching up and coming young sailors.  From his early Twenties, Alex gained many successes sailing in international level competitions.


Alex brings his competitive edge to his business; always looking to help his clients get more for their investment of time and money.  He believes in continuous leaning and self development; Alex adds, "this all comes to nothing if people don’t do what they need to do to succeed."  “Do or don’t do, trys are for Rugby”.


Alex has worked in many different fields of big and small business, from Engineering (starting as an apprentice aircraft fitter) to Information Technology, from Quality Management to Project Management and from Consulting to Retail (IT program office manager for a large food retailer), before putting what he learned into practice for his own small businesses, including landscaping, coaching and business skills training.


Alex’s focus these days is coaching and mentoring owners of small businesses and delivering business skills to business owners and their teams.  This is delivered through education workshops and personal mentoring for people who realise that there is more to business than owning a job.


Working together with a mentor helps you achieve much more than working on your own.  Alex never fails to be in awe of the incredible results his clients get when they put into practice what they have learned.  Alex has a saying “1 + 1 = 3” “Working together more than doubles your chances of success”.